Are you too busy to manage your own social media? Are you ready to elevate your brand and increase customer engagement? We can help you do just that! All our packages are customizable so you get what you need to ensure success for your business.


Social Media Packages

(starting at $400/mo)

  • We take care of all your social media needs.

  • We pride ourselves on our excellent, engaging, organic posts, developed by our team specifically for you.

  • Our daily engagement means we are responding to comments and DMs in a timely manner on your behalf, keeping your customers (or potential customers) talking about your excellent service. We also like and comment on posts to help increase reach and exposure of your company.

Social Media Accountability Package

(starting at $200/mo)

  • Think of us like your personal social media trainer.

  • We give you a monthly plan with ideas of what to post and when.

  • Plus we follow up with you each by email to make sure you are posting!

  • This package also includes either a 30 min or 60 min debrief/training each month.



Social Media Marketing Plan

(starting at $1200)

  • Having a plan is essential. Without one you are potentially not using your marketing effectively. This plan will help you stay on target and on brand throughout the year.

  • Includes a review of your current marketing, a competitor analysis, development of a vision board, suggestions on content themes and a 12 month content calendar, and much more. 

  • Includes a one hour discovery session and a one hour presentation of the plan.

eNewsletters and Blogs

(packages start at $100)

  • Our team can help you write and produce your newsletters as well as manage your mailing list.

  • With a team of university students, where research and writing is their game, we can write blogs and articles on every topic, helping you show your authority in your field. 

365DayMediaGroup-57 square.jpg

365 Day Media Group’s CEO, Tami Tate.

Workshops and Training

(prices vary)

  • Whether it’s a one-on-one training session or a workshop for your whole team, we can provide a custom opportunity to meet your business needs as well as your level of comfort with social media.

  • Topics include social media 101, FB advertising basics, developing your visual content, and more.


(packages start at $200)

  • Engaging and appealing visuals is key to the success of your social media. 

  • We offer packages that will provide you with content for the month. Our photographer will do a 30 minute session with you, providing a minimum of 20 images for use on social media.

365 Day Media Group’s photographer Brynn Featherstone taking a team picture.

365 Day Media Group’s CEO, Tami Tate with Morgan Tate and Greg Sticks.

Website Design

(packages start at $600)

  • If you are looking for a simple, clean and marketable SquareSpace website, then we can make that happen. Check out our website - it’s a SquareSpace site. 

  • If it’s something more intricate, then we will work with one of our website partners to help you develop the perfect website.

More Services

  • We work with partners in the field to deliver other services that are out of are wheelhouse, including graphic design, market branding, SEO, Google AdWords and more. Let us know what you are looking for!

Marketing assistant Zoya Lehrke, holding up a “Want to increase your engagement?!” sign.