6 iPhone Apps To Help You Step Up Your Social Media Game

6 iPhone Apps To Help You Step Up Your Social Media Game

The best content ideas almost never come to us when we’re sitting down at our desks. Usually, they happen when we’re on the go and don’t have time to pull out a laptop and create content. That’s where these iPhone apps come in; they’ll help you manage, create, and publish your social media content on-the-go.


Managing your content across all your social media challenges can be hard, especially if you’ve got a lot of content coming from multiple contributors. It can also be a pain to find a fully featured scheduling tool that works seamlessly across desktop and mobile, that’s why we’ve come to love using Asana to schedule and develop our social posts. It works just as well on mobile as it does on our desktops, and we’re able to clearly contribute, assign, and brainstorm our content in one place.


Instagram’s native photo editor has gotten pretty good. But nothing is as feature packed and easy to use as the original mobile photo editing powerhouse, VSCO. Downloading the app gives you access to all of the standard photo editing features like contrast, brightness, and clarity, but you also get access to tons of different presets that can take your photos from good, to great. Not all of the presets are free, but even the free ones will be enough to start out with.


Everyone on social media is using gifs these days, but a lot of the time it can be tedious to take videos and turn them into gifs, especially if you don’t have your computer with you. That’s where GifLab comes in. It lets you to select your video in the app, choose which part of the video you want to turn into a gif, add text and effects, and then save the gif separately or publish it directly to Instagram as a video. If you’ve got a lot of underused video content lying around, creating gifs can be a great way to get some extra life out of them.


If you’ve ever asked yourself “would this photo look good in my Instagram grid?”, then we have the perfect app to show you. Planoly lets you upload photos to the app and drag and drop them around your Instagram grid to see ahead of time how it will look, allowing you to avoid clashing or repetitive photos. If you spend a lot of time creating content for Instagram, this is definitely one to check out.

VHS Camcorder

Miss the grainy, lo-fi aesthetic of the 80s? If so, have we got the app for you. VHS Camcorder lets you shoot videos that look like they were actually shot on a tape camcorder from the 80s, complete with cheesy zoom, grainy video, and the date stamp in the lower left corner that we all remember from our home movies. Most likely, you won’t want to use this to shoot every video from now on, but using it for throwback type posts, or just for fun, will have people messaging you and asking “how did you do this?” Any posts shot with this app will definitely stand out in our HD world.


This is a really cool app for those of you who want to show off your products on social media. Fyuse is an app that allows you to generate 360 degree views of an object, allowing you to see every side of it. The app guides you through the process of filming your object, and then allows you to upload the resulting 360 in interactive form to the Fyuse network, or as a video or gif to any social media network.  The demos on the Fyuse do a great job of showing off the app, so be sure to check those out.

Find the apps that work for you

Everyone uses their phone differently, some love using it to capture images and videos, but prefer to sit down and schedule content at a desk. Some love being able to do it all from their phone. No matter how you choose to use your phone, we’re sure that some of the above apps will help you create social media content that stands out from the crowd and will help you improve your social workflow.


This week’s blog is written by our Marketing Assistant Greg Goulanian, who is currently pursuing an Economics degree at the University of Victoria.