20 Social Media Content Ideas for When You Have Nothing to Post

20 Social Media Content Ideas for When You Have Nothing to Post

We have all had the days with our businesses’ social media where we run out of ideas of what to post. We recommend you schedule your content in advance, but for the days you feel you have nothing to post, here are 20 creative content source ideas!


We love posting industry relevant quotes, and our following loves it too! Make sure your quotes are consistent with your industry and branding. We use Canva for creating our quote graphics!


 2.    Behind the Scenes Photos

Your customers and followers love seeing the behind the scenes of what is going on at your business!

3.    Industry Tips or Infographics

You can post your tips in text form, create a graphic, or even create a more extensive infographic!

4.    Share Photos from your Customers!

Create a hashtag your followers can use to post content related to you! Not only will this help you with content to post on those days you have nothing, but it will increase your reach on social media!

5.    Workspace Photo

Share a photo of your workspace or what you are working on for the day! At 365 Day Media Group, ours often include kittens!


 6.    Throwback Photo

Who doesn’t love a good throwback photo?! While the classic #throwbackthursday is becoming a thing of the past, throwback photos are still very popular!

7.    Introduce an Employee

We love sharing photos of our employees and asking them a few fun questions about themselves to share on our channels!


8.    Post about the Unique National Holidays

We all see the posts on National Ice Cream Day and these unique holidays can give you the perfect source of content when you need it!

9.    Share Events you are Attending!

This can help you network in your community, and shows your following the events and causes you are involved in!

10. Hold a Giveaway


11. Teaser Content for Things You Have Coming Up

12. Promote your Products & Services

Every so often it’s okay to shamelessly promote your business! These posts are necessary even, and are great to schedule in when you don’t have anything specific to post about.

13. Make a Flat Lay Image

These types of images are very popular and as they name says, they are flat lays.


14. Post Graphics

Use these to help share your brand, and fill your feed!


15. Share a Blog you’ve Written

If you haven’t already, start a blog! They help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, while also providing you with a great source of content!


16. Redirect to your Website

Highlight a service or something you have on your website to draw attention back to your business.

17. Create Short Company Videos

Create a few videos around a minute long, answering commonly asked questions about your business!

18. Recycle Old Content

19. Share Photos of your Location

We love sharing photos from around #yyj! It helps Victoria locals find us on social media, and since we live in a beautiful place we never run short of content.

20. Seasonal Content



We understand consistently finding new and creative social media content can be difficult. We hope these content ideas will help you keep your content creative and fresh 365 days a year!


This week’s blog was written by our Digital Marketing Manager & Photographer Brynn Featherstone, a recent graduate of the University of Victoria majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Business.