Is Twitter the New Customer Service Hotline?

Is Twitter the New Customer Service Hotline?

Twitter is a social media platform often overlooked for more prominent platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. However, it is a very useful online networking site that can help to boost your business and more importantly, allow you to communicate easily with your audience. This blog will help to highlight the various pros that come with having a Twitter account for your business.

Easy Line of Communication

Twitter offers you an easy line of communication between your business and those who interact with your company. Because of the new layout, your tweets and your replies are separated into two different lanes, meaning you can reply to comments and questions without taking away from tweets that hold specific messages directed towards all your followers.

It is proven that 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their tweet has been replied to. This is an overwhelming indication that responding to all comments, both good and bad, can lead to a positive experience for a customer.

The site is quickly becoming the social media platform for businesses to highlight their customer service skills, meaning that businesses who continue to undermine Twitter’s importance are losing out on an opportunity to communicate openly and easily with customers.

Helps Boost Further Engagement

By being present on Twitter, it is proven to help boost further engagement, because over half of the site’s users will take action after seeing a brand mentioned in tweets. This means that they will visit the company’s website, research the brand, and even retweet their content2. This relates directly to the previous point of being able to communicate easily with the public, because if your business is able to interact well with users, this will encourage others who come across your profile to look more into your brand.

No Specific Post Limit

With Twitter, there is no specific post limit for how many times you can tweet in a day. With other digital platforms, businesses usually limit their posting to avoid saturating a newsfeed with too much content at once, which can lead to annoyed followers.

Twitter is unique in that its character count limits how much you can say in a single tweet, and a company can use their tweets for a variety of reasons – posting an original tweet, promoting something, replying to a user, retweeting etc. Keeping this in mind, make sure whatever you do tweet is quality and serves your business in some way!

Twitter is Still a Relevant Platform

Twitter has become a necessary platform for businesses as they grow and wish to expand their audience online. These last two years have seen a 2.5x increase in customer service conversations on Twitter3, only highlighting the importance of having an account with someone readily available to respond and engage with the online public.

Utilizing Twitter in your online strategy is the best way to open a two-way communication with those who use interact with your business. While it can be a daunting task, the benefits ensure your clients will receive the best service and keep your business top of mind!

This week’s blog was written by our Marketing Assistant Chloe Gillot, a recent grad of the University of Victoria with a major in English and French, with a minor in Business.