10 Social Media Mistakes That Are Driving Away Followers

10 Social Media Mistakes That Are Driving Away Followers

We all know being on social media is crucial in 2018. But how you are using your platform will determine your success. Here are 10 mistakes many individuals are making on social media that is hindering growth and driving away followers!

1. Over Selling

A common mistake on Social Media is overselling your business on your platforms. We advise sticking to 80% of content being what your customers are following you to see, and 20% being related to sales.

2. Not Sharing your Personality

It’s important to build a variety of educational, engaging, and exciting content. All businesses and brands have a personality, and your followers want to see it! It not only makes your content more interesting, but more relatable!

3. Putting Too Many Hashtags in your Posts

Hashtags are a powerful tool to increase your reach, but using too many of them can be harmful. Using too many hashtags increases your risk of being shadowbanned, and does not lend to your credibility in your current followers minds.

4. Not Engaging with your Following

Engaging with your audience is one of the main benefits of social media over traditional advertising.  Make sure your content is engaging and you are facilitating interaction with your followers.

5. Buying Likes or Followers

While we hope the trend of buying likes and followers on social channels is slowly subsiding, there are still many accounts choosing to spend their marketing budgets on this. It may seem like a quick fix to get your content to more accounts, and appear to have a large presence but it is easily identified and can cost you REAL followers and reputation.

6. Not Posting Enough

In order to stay in your followers’ feeds, you will need to be consistent with posting content. Having your account be inactive can cause current followers to unfollow you, and deter new accounts from following. We understand creating a consistent feed of content can be difficult, so set an attainable goal and keep yourself accountable.

7. Posting Low Quality Content

Smartphones cameras have come a long way and allowed us all to be able to efficiently capture images to share on social. Having said that, it is crucial to make sure your images are high quality and are interesting! Followers won’t stay around to see blurry photos or too many Throwback Thursdays!

8. Ignoring Follower Feedback

67% of consumers use a company’s social media page for service. Use this as an opportunity to communicate with your following. Listen to what your followers are saying, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

9. You’re Posting at the Wrong Time

Make sure you are monitoring your analytics and posting at the right time of day. Posting content when most of your followers are online will increase the reach of your post.

10. Not Having a Social Media Strategy

Social Media is an amazing way to reach your target audience and drive offline sales. However, executing this successfully requires a concrete strategy with your target audience and business goals in mind.

Not sure where to start? We can help!

This week’s blog was written by our Digital Marketing Manager & Photographer Brynn Featherstone, a recent graduate of the University of Victoria majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Business.