Our Favourite Social Media Trends from 2019

Our Favourite Social Media Trends from 2019

The social media world is an ever-changing landscape for marketers. With each new update brings more opportunities to connect with followers and new audiences. These are our favourite trends of 2019 year so far!

1.    Engagement

This is a big one. Engagement seems to be an ever-growing trend in the social media world, and it has been for a while. This is no longer a business’s passive task. It requires meaningful daily contact with your audience which should be un-automated and always thoughtful. Instagram, in particular has make this task even more challenging. In early May, they started introducing a new update where the likes of a post will only be seen by the owner, deeming the number of likes irrelevant. Now businesses must focus on the conversations they are having with their followers, provoking comments, reactions and the sharing of their contact, rather than the old reliable ‘double tap’.

2.    Employee Influencers

Influencer marketing has taken over social media world over the past few years. Rather than sourcing out influencers within their community, organizations are reaching out to those within their own walls. This cost-effective strategy is becoming a great way to increase brand awareness as well as being a dependable way to build trust within your community.

3.    Customer Service

With the growing popularity of social media platforms, customers are starting to turn to these mediums in request of customer service questions and inquiries. This is giving social media marketers a form of organic contact with followers, giving them another opportunity to connect and grow their relationships. With 24/7 access to this medium, it is becoming more and more important to have individuals monitoring interactions on company pages.

4.    Quizzes, Questions and Polls

To say that Instagram stories have taken off would be an understatement. With each new update, Instagram is bringing us more and more ways to learn more about our followers. These tools allow them to connect with your brand on their own terms, learning during an interactive experience.

Here at 365 Day Media, we strive to stay up to date with new and disruptive social media trends in order to create amazing content for our clients! Learn more about our social media services here!

This week’s blog was written by our Senior Marketing Assistant Zoya Lehrke, a recent graduate of the Bachelors of Business Administration Program at Camosun College.