4 Full Proof Ways to Increase Your Instagram Story Engagement

4 Full Proof Ways to Increase Your Instagram Story Engagement

Instagram Stories are becoming just as important as your feed these days. Users tap through stories just as often as they scroll their homepage. Give these tips a try to spice up your social strategy and get some engagement flowing!

1.     Video it Up

Integrating live and pre-recorded content into your Instagram stories is a great way to capture more of your follower’s attention. Video content is becoming a crucial puzzle piece in a successful online marketing strategy.


Boomerangs, Instagram Live and Gifs have become a must-have for Instagram Stories. Studies found that 88% of marketers using video content on social media have found it to be an effective strategy. So go live, get loud, and make sure you remind them to turn the sound on!

2.     Spark Curiosity with a Poll

Is it just me, or do you just HAVE to vote on an Instagram Poll to see what answer is in the lead? Engage them and let them be a part of your business decisions by getting them to help you pick product colours or names. People love to be heard so this is a great tool to give them an opportunity to speak up.

  3.     Call Them to Action

Should they tap to read more? Tune in later for big news? Slide right? Or check out your most recent post? Tell them exactly what you want them to do! This is a great way to capture their attention for longer than just a glance to get them more familiar with your brand. Make sure that you make good use of this attention by creating valuable content so they will want to learn more about you and your brand.


4.     Make Use of Tags

Tagging a location, another account or a relevant hashtag is a great way to get the best possible exposure for your story, and it even creates an opportunity to be cross-promoted. This will hopefully prompt your followers to tag you in their own posts which helps with your engagement. The more interactions your post receives, the better the engagement, and Instagram wants to see this.

This week’s blog was written by our Senior Marketing Assistant Zoya Lehrke, a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at Camosun College.