How To Make The Perfect Bio On Instagram

How To Make The Perfect Bio On Instagram

Is my Instagram bio really that important?

Well it turns out Instagram bios are becoming a very important part of a businesses’ SMO (don’t worry we’ll discuss more of this below). Your bio is responsible for driving traffic to your page as well as being the first content users see when they click on your Instagram handle.

The words that you use and the information you choose to present can make or break a new follower or most importantly, a potential customer. Start with these simple and effective updates to help you drive profile visits and increase your brand’s following online.


 OK. What the heck is SMO?

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. It’s kind of like Search Engine Optimization but for the social media world. It’s the process of optimizing your social content to perform the best that it possibly can, online. Part of SMO is strategically placing keywords throughout your profile, captions and hashtags. These keywords assist your ideal customers with landing on your social media platforms.

Keep scrolling to learn the essentials of a follow-worthy bio.


Creating a Follow-Worthy Bio

The needs:

  • Business name

  • Link to your website

  • Email button

Once you have the basics, or “The needs”, out of the way, the next step is making sure that you have made the most out of the limited word count that you have. That brings us to “The wants”.

The wants:

This is your opportunity to tell users EXACTLY what you do. For example, your business mission, the services you offer or the industry that you specialize in. A great way to make sure this information is clear is to create a list using bullet points or emojis.

  • Hashtags

Consumers often follow hashtags that relate to their interests and locations. Adding these to your profile will not only help you be found but help explain to customers what you do and where you are. For example, if you live in Victoria, British Columbia, you may use the #yyj hashtag.

Include a call to action in your bio, telling your customers exactly what you want them to do. For example, tell them to visit your website for a current sale, sign up for your webinar or to use your company hashtag to be featured on your profile. A call to action increases your engagement and gives users an idea of how they can interact with your brand.

These simple tips will help you optimize your 150-character Instagram bio, to both better inform and perform online. With a combination of “The needs” and “The wants”, the follow button on your profile will become irresistible!

Need help creating your follow-worthy bio? Connect with us today to have one of our team members help you optimize your social media today!

This week’s blog was written by our Senior Marketing Assistant Zoya Lehrke, a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at Camosun College.